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AEVPL brochure

Athena Energy Ventures Private Limited (AEVPL) is a leadership initiative. Leadership, the ability to manage complexity and add value for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our promoters and shareholders, who are leading organisations in their respective business domains, provide us with a unique combination of capabilities to lead the way in becoming a world class integrated energy major with operations in India and neighbouring countries.

Athena Energy Ventures was incorporated in March 2007 by Athena Projects Private Limited and PTC India Limited. Sharing the vision of these two initial promoters, Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) joined hands by September 2007. The specific objective set by the promoters for AEVPL is to achieve a project portfolio of at least 10,000 MW by 2018.

In its brief history, AEVPL has made significant strides towards achieving its vision. AEVPL is now providing project development support and making initial equity investments in a portfolio of power generation projects that will have a cumulative capacity of nearly 7,000 MW in the long term. The present domain of AEVPL’s operations covers hydropower and thermal power generation projects. In coming years, AEVPL will diversify its portfolio further by entering into other segments of the energy delivery chain including Renovation and Modernisation (R&M) of power projects, electricity transmission and distribution, fuel supply infrastructure including storage, pipelines and associated logistics infrastructure like ports and railheads.

AEVPL’s growth strategy covers Greenfield projects as well as acquisitions.