Health Safety & Environment

Purpose of the Policies

Athena Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (AEVPL) is a joint initiative of PTC India Limited (PTC), Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. (IDFC) and Athena Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL).

The Company seeks to achieve a leadership position in the business of development of and investment in energy infrastructure, spanning the entire delivery chain from fuels, power generation, transmission and distribution. Ancilliary infrastructure required for fuel / energy product delivery like transportation systems will also be part of its aspirational long-term investment portfolio. To this end, the Company seeks the assimilate the best practices of all its promoter entities, and also to conduct its business operations in a responsible manner, that is sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders and to societal goals in general.

A central part of AEVPL’s business model is the development and implementation of projects through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), in which it will hold substantial stakes.

To ensure that AEVPL’s business philosophy is clearly articulated, and also adopted in spirit by the governance structures of the SPVs, the Company is adopting these Business and Operations Policies. Only this step would be able to ensure that investment and development efforts by AEVPL are carried out in a predictable, consistent and sustainable manner.

This Business and Operations Policy document, therefore covers two components;

  • Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy.

The Policies are also being communicated to the existing SPVs, as recommendatory for adoption. Adoption of the policy by SPVs does not mean verbatim adoption of the components; rather, it is recommended that the policy is adopted substantially in spirit, to circumscribe the operations of the SPV.