Every project in our investment portfolio has passed through a rigorous two stage process of evaluation. The first stage is a techno-commercial evaluation, which is followed by a project risk matrix analysis. The techno-commercial evaluation clears potential projects for a greater level of scrutiny, which is the second stage of project risk evaluation. The risk matrix is constructed to pull together all possible project risks and it is only after a detailed analysis on both quantitative as well as some qualitative aspects, that a project makes the cut as investment grade.

While quantitative analysis is by now a fairly exact science, it takes the collective experience of the management team to take into account the finer points of the qualitative aspects of risk. The significant knowledge and experience base of our promoters comes into play here, with the oversight processes of the Board of Directors complementing the spirit of enterprise that we seek to retain in all our endeavours. Entrepreneurial spirit and governance processes come together and meld to create the DNA of AEVPL – which we at AEVPL have come to know as `Entreprocessing’.